Anything I do, anywhere I go,

I'm going to jump all the way in.

I'm going to give it all my effort

and all my focus and all my attention.

Hi, I'm David Gor. I'm excited about the opportunity to care about your product. Or with elegance through empathy solve the problem of users.

As a Senior Product Designer and Design Lead, I have 15+ years of experience. Since 2018 I have worked remotely from my home in Bali, but I am ready to meet you in your office Worldwide.

  • 0→1 Product Design for Startups and Enterprise
  • Interface Design of Mobile Apps and Web
  • Branding
  • Consulting
  • Design Culture
  • B2C, B2B, SaaS
  • The US and EU markets

Lehit Care

A Ukrainian startup that aims to provide affordable AI-powered mental health support to individuals who have been injured during the Russian aggression. The company plans to expand its services to the global market. I was one of the owners and developed the design.


Improvement of the first session experience

Calmerry is an application that helps users get quality psychological help and emotional support when needed, regardless of where they are. I worked on an onboarding improvement.


Betby Back Office

Best-in-class B2B SaaS business software for managing Batby sportsbook solutions. Monitoring, risk management, event management, analytics, creating, and editing at the fingertips. Development took several years and several hundred flows. I owned the project all the way.


Betby Sportsbook

Fully customizable modern sportsbook, available in three base layouts and numerous options for branding and fine-tuning for specific business needs. The main B2B SaaS product from Batby. I was responsible for Betslip, Bonuses, Racing Sports, Event Cards, Design System, etc. 


Ed-Tech Startup NDA

The company helps young people join the Top universities in the US and EU through stipend programs. As a Design Lead, I, with the team, shaped the digital experience and improved the brand to fit the market. We made a Web Platform for different roles for v1. And provided the roadmap for future updates and growth.


Betby Web Page

I have made several generations of Betby Corporate Websites, based on the branding I developed before. For this iteration, I used stunning 3D animations, prepared in Cinema 4D.


Standalone Social Apps

A B2B product provides a social network experience for artists, brands, and businesses. Ariana Grande was one of the first clients. I worked on the concept, User Profile, Live, Search, Mentions and Hashtags, Web version, Design System, and Desktop App for artist's streams. 


Bkstg Social App

The Social Network for Music Lovers. Hosted exclusive communities of Justin Bibber, Ariana Grande, Backstreet Boys, and others. I worked on app improvements based on data analytics and user feedback. Also, I have made a web version of the social network.


Airport shuttle services

I took part in Bolt's challenge to integrate airport shuttle services into the current mobile taxi application. The problem – taxi services are not allowed in the arrival zones, and passengers are forced to use either overpriced airport taxis or shuttles. The solution is to provide a one-bill with taxi pick up from the nearest shuttle stop.


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