Lehit Care


Lehit Care is a Ukrainian startup that aims to offer cost-effective medical care to individuals who have been injured during the Russian aggression (first stage). The company also plans to expand its services to the global market.

Lehit stands out from other similar products due to its advanced AI algorithm. This algorithm can detect critical conditions during daily tests, verbal interactions, and user behavior.

I was involved in the initial stages of developing the concept, taking it from the ground up, and preparing it to be pitched as a finished product.

Lehit Care is designed with three components: the patient's side, which includes web and mobile apps, the therapist's side with a web app, and the administration panel accessible through the web.

I created version 1 of the products, branding, and a pitch deck presentation.

Step 1

I found, analyzed, and discussed with the co-founders' references. Made the list of preferable features. 

Step 2

It's time for drafts. I focused on making eight mobile screens. And a few screens to illustrate an admin panel for therapists administrators. At this stage, the goal was to present an idea, not to build apps. In the future, all screens will change anyway, during changing the idea. 

Step 3

Creatin screens to illustrate available flows and features.

Lehit Care is a mobile app for patients.


Users can select one of the available treatments. Free for Ukrainians 🇺🇦 affected by war (Autorisation by Дія). 


The app provides various interactions, as part of your program, to provide treatment between therapy sessions. 


An AI engine, the main feature of the service, based on your interactions with the app, linguistic constructions in your answers, and mood analysis will improve your progress. In case of a critical stance will predict it and contact the therapist for intervention.


Lehit Therapist is a web-based app for therapists. Here they can create and manage therapy programs, and check the list and status of patients. Do measures in case of their critical conditions.


Lehit Admin is an administrator's tool to manage therapists. Check thair performance, programs, and clients.


Final screens and interfaces, along with the first slide of the presentation, are now available on Figma:

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