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BETBY, 2020

The main plot of Betby web pages always was to be different. To be different from this faceless B2B market, from boring template-based corporate sites.

Our approach alongside our products and culture completely is a step forward. The way we do business, support our clients and integrate new features. But how to explain this to future clients? For the Betby Team, the answer always was clear – through our visual language.

This is already the third version of the site. The content and content composition usually remain the same. We just updated it following new features and featured events.

The previous time I used interactive parametric web graphics to emphasize our technological advancement:

This time I need to make the brand a bit more friendly.

So I decided to move with generative 3D animations. I have the necessary experience in 3D. Not a Holywood level, but enough for this task. The site’s hierarchy left the same after the previous iteration, with minor updates.

I made a bunch of paper drafts and then made a huge amount of low-fidelity tests. Discussed the progress with the team, management, and test group, and. The most intensive and complicated part was to make the first screen. Confirm the style. To move forward. Different stakeholders have opposite points of view. And most of was varied to move from the 'safe space' of corporate faceless pages. But in the end, my team and I convinced them to take the risk because the potential benefits outweighed the possible losses for a small, at the time, startup.


One of the takes for the first page. During the project, was made about a hundred renders.


Cinema 4D, on the small 13" Macbook.

Finally, I got the approval for the home page. After that work moved faster.

I made animated headers for product pages:


And animated product cards for the main page, and virtual sport categories as well.


The site and de-facto updated brand guides, were warmly received by the audience. We traditionally re-launched it just before ICE London (the biggest e-gaming conference) and received a huge jump in visits. Also, our stand was in the same style. We don't have direct sales through the web, and can't measure effectiveness directly. However, feedback from clients was more than positive. And the exhibition was very successful with many new happy clients. 

We stuck to this style for the next few years. Replacing it only in 2023.

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